Join Prof. Steve Vladeck (U-Texas) & Prof. Jenn Mascott who discuss Prof. Mascott’s amicus brief in Nordlicht v. U.S. (21-1319), distributed for the Court’s 9/28 conference this week, that addresses Blackstone, Rule 33 motions, and a deep circuit split & Prof. Vladeck’s recently filed petition in Donziger v U.S. (22-274), addressing the Appointments Clause, special prosecutors, and a split Second Circuit decision dividing two President Trump-appointed judges.

Nordlicht v. U.S.Petition for Cert (No. 21-1319, 9/28 conference)

Amicus Brief of Professor MascottNordlicht (Fed. R. Crim. P. 33 new trial motions & Blackstone)


Donziger v. U.S.Petition for Cert (No. 22-274, docketed 9/22; Appointments Clause and Fed. R. Crim. P. 42 special prosecutors)

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