On October 25, 2019, the Gray Center hosted “The Administration of Immigration.” For this conference, the Gray Center invited scholars to write papers exploring ways to improve our nation’s immigration system, and discuss them alongside other experts in panel sessions addressing such topics as whether immigration law is special, the costs and benefits of immigration, judicial review of the immigration system, and the moral underpinnings of immigration law. The event also featured keynote remarks from James McHenry, Director of the Executive Office of Immigration Review at the United States Department of Justice.

In this presentation, McHenry describes the work of the Office of Immigration Review and places it into the context of the broader discussions we had on immigration law and policy. The video is available at https://administrativestate.gmu.edu/events/the-administration-of-immigration/.

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  1. I Walton Member
    I Walton

    It’s good that we’re making more rational our overwhelmed system, but we have to deal with the thing that is overwhelming it. We allow illegals to penetrate our borders and let them become our problem. We can’t stop everyone because, until fairly recently most came as non immigrants, i.e. tourist, students, business, then stayed illegally. Such non immigrants are here legally and have violated their status. That is complicated and massive enough, but allowing people to cross the border illegally to begin with, without any kind of visa or consular officer judgement makes no sense. We have to stop them or deport them immediately and not let them engage our judicial system at all.

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