It Had To Be Shabbat

This week on the mighty GLoP Podcast, we’re properly social distancing by recording from Florida, Long Island, Manhattan (and Southern California if we’re being technical about it). We cover the au currant issue of the masks as the latest weapon in the Culture War (inspired by Jonah’s great G-File on this topic), what exactly a Quibi is and why you should care about it, and some thoughts (rumination?) on the legal issues of one General Flynn.

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  1. kedavis Coolidge

    Barry Jones (View Comment):

    I thought the “lot’s of Confederate flags” claim had been sorta debunked. I have seen photos or the event and I think i saw 2 (two) in all the pics. Spurious comment by John. Careless at best, I think. If anyone has evidence of bunches of Confederate flags at the Michigan capital thing, please respond because if I am incorrect(the photos I saw may not have been representative or something) I would like to know… For now, taking the (somewhat hysterical) Governor’s word on the issue seems a bit iffy, at best.

    Patience, patience!  Photoshop takes time!

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  2. kedavis Coolidge

    I got to wondering, dos Rob not realize how much of that “white mail” stuff has been caused by the left over the past decades, and continues now?  Just for one example, my elderly mother got solicitation emails from that screwy one-term Florida congressman – can’t think of his name – every day.

    Grayson?  Something like that.

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