GLoP: The Movie

It’s the tail end of July (Juliii?)* so we squeezed in another GLoP to round out the month. This week — some Rank Punditry® on last night’s Democratic debate, a rumination on which TV characters would have voted for Donald Trump, and finally,  we cast GLoP: The Movie.  Now all we need is a story. Give us your casting choices in the comments. But be nice, please.

*you will have to listen to the show to understand this reference.

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  1. Bishop Wash Member
    Bishop Wash

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  2. kedavis Coolidge

    Stad (View Comment):

    Oh no. The worst movie ever is Snakes on a Plane.

    One of our daughters was very sick, so we took her to the ER. While in the waiting room, the movie was playing. When it ended, neutral observer and I tried to check ourselves in . . .

    Are you sure?  Have you seen “Message From Space” with Vic Morrow?

    It’s a Star Wars rip-off, a very bad one, featuring space ships that are… SHIPS!!!  With SAILS!!!  And I think even OARS!!!!  wtf are “space oars” anyway?


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  3. Daniel Sterman Inactive
    Daniel Sterman

    Since I started listening to Ricochet podcasts two years ago, this is probably the sixth or seventh time John or Jonah has brought up how old Wilford Brimley was.

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  4. katy Coolidge

    Nick Offerman as Jonah. He even does a giggle as Ron Swanson. 

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  5. katy Coolidge

    And Tony Hale as John

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  6. Miffed White Male Member
    Miffed White Male

    TV Show Trump Voters:

    AL Bundy (and pretty much the entire cast of Married with Children except Marci).

    Red Foreman (That 70s show).  He’d probably have been a precinct captain for Trump.


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