An Iconic Episode

Sing us a song, you’re the men of GLoP… from Margaritaville to Brandy… where everyone is gay and everyone is Jewish (There is a logical explanation here!) and where they dish on FDR, homophobic telescopes and the Dutch.

While we were recording we heard the news of Ivana Trump’s passing and that leads to an interesting vocabulary discussion, one that you might say is iconic for this program, especially if you’re even vaguely familiar with our canon.

Then we baffle the kids with stories of Dom DeLuise, Rodney Dangerfield, Jackie Gleason, Larry Storch and director James Burrows.

This whole episode smells terrific!

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  1. jorge espinha Inactive
    jorge espinha

    PeterParisi (View Comment):

    Great episode! I, too, hate “iconic” as it is currently misused. “Iconic of what?” is my internal reply. I never ask out loud because, unlike the difference between “virtual” and “literal,” the explanation would take too long.

    I have a question for possible treatment on a future episode. With profuse apologies to Rob, shouldn’t Amazon have known what it was getting itself into with Rings of Power? Its trailers are hugely underwater in terms of likes vs. dislikes on Facebook, to the point where Facebook has suppressed the dislike figure and is removing negative comments (according to the fanatics). Moreover, the trailers are completely uninformative as to what the show’s plot will be, and anyone who is a fan of Tolkien’s books or Peter Jackson’s movies seems to be in a steroidal rage about the whole project. With all of that money being thrown at it, a built-in fan base, and their reputation on the line, how could Amazon have apparently gotten it so wrong?

    It is not as if Amazon is incapable of producing televised versions of books that will please fans of the original. The Jack Ryan series was pretty good and so was Bosch. They knocked The Expanse out of the park, in my opinion.

    Full disclosure: I’m a pretty big fan of the books and thought Jackson’s movies were surprisingly good. I wasn’t much looking forward to an Amazon treatment of the material, so I don’t much care whether the series is good.

    Rob is no doubt snoring already, but my question is really more general: Amazon isn’t stupid, so what is it about Rings of Power (and Circle of Light) that made the behemoth stumble so?

    It may turn out that the series is really good, in which case Amazon is getting the roll-out and marketing completely wrong, which is another question in itself.

    Great comment!

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