UPDATE: These pro-family leaders Peter originally interviewed in October already are making big strides toward strengthening family life in America. Hit “Play” and, if you’ve already listened to the episode, fast forward to the end for updates on each charity. In the fourth episode of Giving Ventures, host and DonorsTrust Vice President Peter Lipsett talk with three great guests working to strengthen families, protect children, and nurture new respect for dads. John-Paul “J.P.” DeGance, president and CEO of Communio, works with churches and communities to bolster marriage; Darcy Olsen, CEO of GenJustice, works to ensure foster children have legal representation; and John Papola, CEO of the Emergent Order Foundation, works to engage fathers and encourage them to create an impact in their community. Even if families, foster care, and fatherhood aren’t important pieces of your philanthropy, you will find some interesting tidbits in hereā€”and some great reasons to be optimistic.

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