Charitable givers on the political left are celebrated by those in the mainstream media. Charitable givers on the political right, however, are rebuked and accused of being part of a “dark money” conglomerate. There are people, though, working to set the record straight and share the positive things happening in conservative philanthropy—stories that aren’t splashed on the front-page of the New York Times, even when these stories deserve prominent above-the-fold placement.

DonorsTrust Vice President Peter Lipsett in the fifth episode of the Giving Ventures podcast talks with Elizabeth McGuigan, director of policy at the Philanthrop Roundtable; Jennifer Butler, a consultant for People United for Privacy; and Scott Walter, president of Capital Research Center to talk all things philanthropy. The guests give a broad overview of what’s happening in conservative philanthropy and what their organizations are doing to protect donor freedom and advance philanthropic giving on the political right.

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