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  1. Taras Coolidge

    Bad choice of movie.

    John Wick 3 is basically like watching somebody else play a video game: brief moments of stilted dialogue followed by much violence that ignores the laws of physics and biology. By the end, I was checking my wristwatch every couple of minutes. (That we are so blasé and desensitized about seeing people shot in the head probably does not say anything good about our society!)

    The new Godzilla was somewhat more entertaining. Vera Farmiga and the great Charles Dance made an usually interesting, morally ambiguous pair of villains, for a movie of this kind. Also Millie Bobby Brown was good, as usual. 

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  2. Daniel Sterman Inactive
    Daniel Sterman

    So bizarre – this is the second podcast I’ve listened to today that discussed Andy Warhol in completely unexpected circumstances.

    Gillibrand’s “Not very polite” thing reminds of me of Ehud Barak’s campaign in the Israeli election of 2009, which was intended to combat the popular perception of him as a very unsympathetic figure.

    The campaign started with a series of anonymously-put-up billboards. Each one had a picture of his face alongside an insult to his personality: Not nice, Not a pal, Not sympathetic. The billboards were left this way for a day or two to encourage speculation about who put them up and why, and then they were altered with the addition of “A leader.”

    (The one that works best in English is, “Not a pal. A leader.” The rest of them don’t work very well in translation.)

    It might have been a clever concept, but it failed spectacularly. Barak’s Labor Party lost six seats in the election, coming in fourth place and receiving less than 10% of the vote. It was the first time in Israel’s history that Labor was not one of the two largest parties, and it would prove to be Labor’s worst-ever result before or since… until the most recent election two months ago, when it got less than 5%.

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