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  1. texased Coolidge

    Mr. Weigel does not like the “country club” church but does like to talk about how he eats with popes. His concern about the next pope is like country club members discussing the next bear market over appetizers while just behind them the club is burning down.

    Of somewhat more immediate concern, I would like to hear Mr. Weigel’s thoughts about a possible Biden presidency. Would Biden’s views on abortion and the trans movement be evidence of the success of Vatican II? (A lot of evangelization has been taking place.) Is it time yet for American bishops to issue a statement about Mr. Biden’s presidential campaign? Maybe they have and I missed it.

    (Sorry if I sound harsh. I actually like Mr. Weigel, which is why I listened.)

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    • July 15, 2020, at 1:05 PM PDT
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