Covid sure makes dating difficult — but it might offer the perfect chance to review and improve your love game. Dating coach Evan Mark Katz reveals the common mistakes made by otherwise successful single women. PLUS: Danielle & Meghan Cox Gurdon air their dispute over the controversial film “Cuties.”

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  1. Patrick McClure Coolidge

    You don’t have to show rape to discourage rape. You don’t have to show child pornography to discourage child pornography.


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    • September 28, 2020, at 9:51 AM PDT
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  2. Patrick McClure Coolidge

    “President’s interest in 15 year olds”? Why promote a lie like that? There are multiple photographs of Biden inappropriately intimate with preteen and tween girls and you push that lie? As your guest said there is more to life than anti-Trumpism. 

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    • September 28, 2020, at 9:56 AM PDT
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