You won’t believe how similar the Clinton/Trump sex scandals are — and the women who enable them. Recorded before a live audience at the AEI/Ricochet Podcast Summit, Danielle and Christine talk with columnist Mona Charen, author of the forthcoming book “Sex Matters.”

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  1. JuliaBlaschke Coolidge

    This was great. I will be a regular listener. No screechy giggling that grates on my ears.

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  2. Merrijane Inactive

    I wasn’t sure I’d like this podcast at first, but it’s turning out to be quite interesting. A good variety of perspectives.

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  3. Taras Coolidge

    The Access Hollywood tape is actually an example of an ancient form of competitive male boasting, and was of course recorded without the knowledge of the two participants.

    Compare the Scottish folk song, “Barnyards of Delgaty”:

    I can drink and no be drunk, 

    I can fecht [fight] and no be slain, 

    I can lie wi another man’s lass [“wife”, in some versions], 

    And aye [still] be welcome to my ain [own].


    Mona Charen  deserves criticism for at least two things she did during the CPAC controversy.

    First, she brought up the issue of alleged sexual misconduct by Republicans only when the panel was nearly over and there was no time to discuss it.  If, as she claims, she believes the women who disagreed with her are honestly misinformed, why didn’t she try to inform them?

    Second, aside from a vague reference to Bill Clinton, her follow up op-ed in the New York Times contained nothing to give any disquiet to its liberal editors or readers, but instead confirmed all their smug prejudices about conservatives and Republicans.  Why did she do it this way?  Was she like a high school nerd, finally invited to sit with the cool kids, who immediately dumps her old friends?

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