He is mentally disabled. He was talked into exposing himself privately. Now he’s on the Sex Offender Registry for life. And he’s not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of others who should not be on the registry, including children. Emily Yoffe joins Danielle, sociologist Emily Horowitz, and a mom whose family has been destroyed by the registry.

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  1. Duane Oyen Member
    Duane Oyen

    My favorite case is in Minnesota, where a 19 year old guy hooked up totally consensually with a 16 year old girl at a party, and was convicted as a sex offender because of the 3 year age difference (young women are presumed to be weak and require extra protection; of course, they can do anything, including get an abortion without parental consent….).   After he was released from prison, he and the girl met up again, got married and had 3 kids.  Fifteen years later he was still listed as a sex offender in Minnesota, which drove both him and his wife crazy.

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