Each month, a panel of constitutional experts convenes to discuss the Court’s upcoming docket sitting by sitting. The cases covered in this preview are listed below.

  • Culley v. Marshall (October 30) – Due Process; What test should district courts apply to determine whether a state or local government must provide a hearing to someone who has had property seized under a civil asset forfeiture law?
  • Lindke v. Freed (October 31) – Civil Rights, First Amendment; Whether a public official’s social media activity can constitute state action only if the official used the account to perform a governmental duty or under the authority of his or her office.
  • O’Connor-Ratcliff v. Garnier (October 31) – Civil Rights, First Amendment; Are public officials acting as government officials, so that they can violate the First Amendment, when they block people on their personal social media accounts that they use to communicate with the public?
  • Vidal v. Elster (November 1) – First Amendment, Intellectual Property; Does Section 2(c) of the Lanham Act, which bars the registration of a trademark which uses the name of another living person without that person’s permission, violate the Constitution when used to reject a trademark that contains criticism of a government official or public figure?
  • Department of Agriculture Rural Development Rural Housing Service v. Kirtz (November 6) – Fair Credit Reporting Act, Sovereign Immunity; Whether the civil-liability provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act clearly waive the sovereign immunity of the United States.
  • United States v. Rahimi (November 7) – Second Amendment; Whether a federal ban on the possession of guns by individuals who are subject to domestic violence restraining orders violates the Second Amendment.
  • Rudisill v. McDonough (November 8) – GI Bill; Whether a veteran who has served two separate periods of qualifying service under the Montgomery GI Bill and the Post-9/11 GI Bill is entitled to receive a total of 48 months of education benefits as between both programs.


  • Braden Boucek, Director of Litigation, Southeastern Legal Foundation
  • Prof. Christa Laser, Professor, Cleveland State University of Law
  • Gary Lawkowski, Counsel, Dhillon Law Group
  • Amy Swearer, Senior Legal Policy Analyst, Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, The Heritage Foundation
  • Moderator: Laura Stanley, Judicial Law Clerk, US Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit

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