On this episode of “You’re Wrong,” a production of Federalist Radio Hour, Federalist Editor-in-Chief Mollie Hemingway and Senior Editor David Harsanyi discuss Biden’s unconstitutional student loan bailout, the “election-denier” smear, and Sen. Mitch McConnell’s concerns with Republican “candidate quality.” They also respond to the “You’re Wrong” listener mailbag.

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  1. Taras Coolidge

    Excellent podcast!  Pairing commentators from different ends of the conservative political spectrum is an idea other Ricochet podcasts should adopt.

    The old movie Mollie is thinking of Howard Hawks’ Ball of Fire (1941), with Barbara Stanwyck as a gangster’s moll hiding from the police, who helps a group of nerdy encyclopedists, including Gary Cooper, with their entry on “Slang”.

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  2. Leslie Watkins Member
    Leslie Watkins

    About McConnell’s swipe at the less than illustrious Senate candidates, I say, right back at ya, buddy. I thought the Founders, at least theoretically, wanted citizen legislators. Surely they wouldn’t like the professionalized cream at the top of our current cadre of do-nothing Republicans. Let a J.D. Vance or a Hershel Walker or one of the others that pundit conservatives are so quick to dismiss out of hand have a shot at solving some problems. Then groan about them. Things are not the way they used to be, on any public level. I wish that those conservatives who feel it is their role to critique their supposed side would see what they’re trying to do: put new wine into old wine skins.

    BTW, it might be a good story to track just how candidates come to enter a race. Is the problem that cagier people no longer wish to attend the party? Is the Republican leadership not in sync with most of their voters? Are the parties pushing aside lots of people, or is there a dearth of people wanting to run? The leadership of both parties seem to not be able to communicate, much less connect, with their base, as Democrats are being led around by the nose by their base while Republicans seek to push, rather than lead, their base off of their platform, a sure sign of political cross-purposes weakening the body politic.

    Really enjoy the podcast. To Mollie and her family, godspeed.

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