Former President Donald Trump won big in Iowa. Join Federalist Editor-in-Chief Mollie Hemingway and Senior Editor David Harsanyi as they break down the future of the 2024 Republican primary, explain why calling elections early interferes with voters’ decisions, and analyze Nikki Haley’s standing with conservatives. Mollie and David also quibble with the historical inaccuracies in “The Chosen” and share their excitement about 1970s movies.

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  1. Taras Coolidge

    Weirdly obtuse conversation about the sources of Nikki Haley’s support.  

    Obviously, the reason is that she leads Joe Biden by a large margin in the polls, so she’s more likely to win the election than Donald Trump.

    The Democrats and the media have spent the equivalent of tens of billions of dollars constantly hammering in the same false notion, that Donald Trump is a white supremacist who hates women.

    If the Republicans nominate a woman, who is non-white, then all that money and work is wasted, and the Democrats have to start from scratch to try to demonize Nikki Haley, somehow.

    If she were a man, no doubt some woman who never actually met her would come out and accuse her of sexual misconduct.   Maybe they will accuse her of racism in kindergarten.

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