Libby Emmons and Paulina Enck, joined Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss Harry Potter author and radical feminist J.K. Rowling’s stance against transgenderism. Both Emmons and Enck are contributors at The Federalist, and Emmons also serves as senior editor at The Post Millennial.

Many on the left have recently attempted to cancel Rowling for her recent essay warning against the dangers of the transgender movement. Enck, a long-time Harry Potter fan, defended Rowling’s work as valuable and impactful regardless against Rowling’s personal opinions. Emmons observed there’s a demand for artists and writers to adhere to certain ideological identities, but she argued that their work ought to remain separate. The two also dove into criticisms of cancel culture more broadly.

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  1. Aaron Miller Inactive
    Aaron Miller

    Wow. I listen to an all-ladies podcast for a change and immediately get labeled a degenerate!

    Seriously, I think that Romantic view of artists cuts them too much slack. Artists can be moral and balanced. Many are fiercely passionate, but there is also more intellectual and technical art. Many are self-centered, but the better artists are humble enough to recognize that as a problem and reach for inspiration from beyond themselves.

    If artists have always generally tended to be nonsensical statists and libertine, perhaps it is because they live in imagination, like Democrats pursuing Utopia. Or perhaps it is because we too often get lost in the moment at sacrifice to gradually maintained disciplines. I recall a letter by Tchaikovsky encouraging Mussorgsky to grow up and commit himself to formal training.

    College students don’t get a pass either. The consequences of speaking truth in college are not worse than conservatives risk after college. Please risk it. All conservatives must. The fewer conservatives speak up, the more confident the Left becomes and more boldly they censure us. The more of us speak up, the less courage it requires. We got into our current predicament precisely because so many conservatives have been unwilling to risk their grades, their friends, their jobs, their reputations, etc.

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