On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” Senior Editor John Daniel Davidson and ┬áCulture Editor Emily Jashinsky analyze the speaker vote in the House of Representatives and explain how GOP leadership failures before the midterm elections led to the chaos that currently plagues the Republican party.

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  1. Steve Fast Coolidge
    Steve Fast

    I disagree that it doesn’t matter who becomes speaker. The key task of the speaker during this congress is to draw a contrast of Republican good governance vs. Democratic spending and war on our culture. So the speaker has to be workmanlike and pass good bills that will admittedly go nowhere. He needs to work with all factions of the Republicans and try to peel off some moderate Democrats, who have to be fed up with the wackiness of the Democratic leadership. The speaker is responsible for auditioning the Republican party to be given power in 2024.

    Is McCarthy that man? Maybe. But is there an alternative who would do better? I don’t see one. A less abrasive version of Newt Gingrich would ideal. If the Freedom Caucus had someone who could do better, we should absolutely support him, but at this point there is no FC-member with a plan. Even though I support the FC ideologically, they don’t have a plan.

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