Voice actor James Urbaniak joins Host Ben Domenech and Federalist Intern Paulina Enck to discuss the Adult Swim animated tv series, “The Venture Bros.” Together, the group dives into the creativity and popularity behind adult cartoon shows like “The Venture Bros.” and what makes the show and its characters so special.

“From the beginning, ‘The Venture Bros.’ has always had a very classical sort of narrative and I think the fact that it lasted that long and that it expanded, the universe expanded, and the depth of character expanded. And I think that expansion was very exciting. I think opened the door for that new kind of storytelling and animation,” Urbaniak said.

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  1. Jon1979 Lincoln

    “Venture Brothers” riffed off the original “Toby Danger” parody of “Jonny Quest” done as a stand-alone segment on ‘Freakzoid” in the mid-1990s, a year before the Time Warner merger with Turner brought all the Hanna-Barbera character rights under the Warner Bros. banner. Sad to see the show end (and given the direction Adult Swim’s been lurching towards recently, in preferring more woke messaging, not a good sign for Cartoon Network in general):


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    • September 15, 2020, at 2:52 PM PDT
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