Rep. Waltz calls for US boycott of 2022 Olympics in Beijing
Mike Netter, the man who leads the effort to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom

Congressman from Florida

Today, U.S. Congressman Michael Waltz (FL-6) introduced a resolution calling on the U.S. to boycott the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics should the International Olympic Committee not move the games to a different country.  In the resolution, Congressman Waltz lists a number of atrocities and heinous acts the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have carried out over the last year that should disqualify them from the honor of hosting the 2022 games. They include: the genocide and mass internment of Uighurs and other Muslim minorities in the Xinjiang providence of China; the undermining of democratic rights and dismantling of ‘one country, two systems’ framework in Hong Kong; the CCP targeting and control of religions in China; and the failure to report the outbreak of the coronavirus to the WHO and suppression of reports from medical doctors in Wuhan.

Coalition Founding Member of Recall Gavin Newsom 2020. 
The grass-roots effort to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom reached the critical 1.5 million signature milestone this weekend. Mike Netter has his sights set on 2 million signatures, so the effort has enough buffer to withstand signature verification scrutiny from the California Secretary of State.

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