Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution
Former Advisor to President Trump
Dr. Atlas unloads on Birx, Fauci
Dr. Scott Atlas is not pleased with some of the recent statements from the career, public health policy bureaucrats he recently worked within Washington DC and he is not afraid to tell us all about it. Dr. Deborah Birx and Dr. Anthony Fauci have recently bad-mouthed President Trump’s response to Covid-19 pandemic and Dr. Birx specifically accused Dr. Scott Atlas of delivering alternative data to President Trump that Birx had not approved. 
GOV. SCOTT WALKERCEO Young America’s FoundationThat time Pelosi supported an illegal occupation of Wisconsin’s State Capitol…Gov. Walker reminds us how Speaker Nancy Pelosi encouraged and supported the illegal and violent takeover of the Wisconsin capitol building. Walker was there and he tells the harrowing story of how legislators had to be hidden and ushered out of the building via underground tunnels. 

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