The latest on the unprecedented government reaction to the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic hosted by Larry O’Connor.  

A pathologist with subspecialty board-certification in molecular genetic pathology (molecular diagnostics)
Expert with the Federalist Society Regulatory Transparency Project’s FDA & Health Working GroupA former HHS Advisor to FDA, CMS and CDC
The CDC has revised the covid-19 mortality rate to approx, 0.3%. Dr. Klein tells Larry O’Connor that it’s past due to end the shutdown and let Americans go back to normal. The science no longer supports the continuation of the stay at home measures.

The Distinguished Visiting Fellow for Project for Economic Growth at The Heritage FoundationChairman of FreedomWorks’ Task Force on Economic RevivalCo-author of “Trumponomics: Inside the America First Plan to Revive Our Economy”

NASA Deputy Administrator

Morhard joins the podcast to discuss tomorrow’s historic manned-space mission launch in cooperation with SpaceX.

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    Time to open things up.

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