Today on the show Liz Cheney and the rift inside the republican party, good electoral data for the GOP, a deep dive into critical race theory after a teacher berates a hispanic cop, liberals who can’t quit covid, the CIA goes woke and in the name of equity education dumbs itself down.

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  1. StoughtonObserver Member
    @Bruce W Banerdt
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  2. LukeWVa Listener

    I read only this morning that the House GOP members are peeved by Ms. Cheney because she can’t shut up about her vote and the January 6 events.  They have not held the votes in favor of impeachment against other Republican members, and would not have held her vote against her, but she can’t stop bringing it up and it’s interfering with messaging.  It was in Liz Cheney & The House GOP Fight: The Cold, Hard Facts about the Saga | National Review

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