Professor Victor Davis Hanson, Senior Fellow of the Hoover Institution, sits down with Ben Weingarten, Senior Fellow of the London Center for Policy Research and Founder & CEO of ChangeUp Media, to discuss Prof. Hanson’s essay in the new book “Vox Populi: The Perils and Promises of Populism.” Prof. Hanson and Weingarten discuss a series of topics including the populism of President Donald Trump, what President Trump understood about the electorate that his opponents missed, the 2016 election’s significance in history and what it augurs for the world, the ramifications of the FBI and DOJ actions regarding President Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, where The Resistance leads and much more.

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  1. Lee Member

    I’ll bet this would be a worthwhile discussion if I could hear it. Turn up the volume, guys!


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  2. HowardCohen Coolidge

    Victor David Hanson is a genius — he has the rare combination of being brillant but totally understandable in his writing and speaking about very complex political, philosophical, and historical matters. You are a national resource.

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