Dairy and apples and whiskey and wine. Many of our favorite things have turned in up cases involving the Commerce Clause at the Supreme Court. This term, the Court will consider whether a California law regulating the sale of pork violates that Clause. Some think the Court will strike California’s pork ban down. Others wonder, based on recent dissents, whether the justices will use this opportunity to get rid of the “dormant Commerce Clause” doctrine altogether. Join the ladies as they take a romp from the 1780s to present day in search of the “dormant Commerce Clause,” a phrase frequently invoked but not actually found anywhere in the Constitution.


Thanks to our guests Barry Friedman, Carter Phillips, and Adi Dynar, and to Jenni Etimos for her rendition of “Free Market Favorite Things.”


Check out the full version of Gyu-Ho Lee’s rock cover of “My Favorite Things”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdRwBNkbLXs


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