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  1. WilliamDean Coolidge

    I girded myself and prepared to hear this guy out. I had to turn it off in the first 10 minutes, right when he was asked why conservatives consistently say they prefer Biden over Hillary and Obama and his immediate response was racism and sexism.

    I mean c’mon, it’s one thing to be an ignorant liberal boor, but does he really have to be so friggin predictable? Could any other response have been so trite and boring? If The Dispatch really meant this to be an effort in reaching across the aisle and finding common ground, I do wonder where they think we’re supposed to go on to from here with that kind of statement. I went to the stop button and am now closing the tab.

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    • June 27, 2020, at 1:46 PM PDT
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  2. Steven Iverson Member

    Why talk to a NY Times “reporter?”

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    • June 27, 2020, at 5:40 PM PDT
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  3. RS711 Listener

    I figured this guy would be roundly booed by most. I liked some of his points but to imply as he did that the only reason Biden won’t win is because of Republican legislators is total garbage. Can liberals at least hear Biden say one unscripted word before declaring him President?

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    • June 29, 2020, at 12:32 AM PDT
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  4. Charlotte Member
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    • June 29, 2020, at 7:37 PM PDT
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  5. Hank Rhody, Badgeless Bandito Contributor

    “Hillary faced a level of misogyny, Obama faced a level of racism…”

    Thanks, I’m done. I’ve got no reason to listen to people who assume I’m acting on bad faith from the get go.

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    • June 29, 2020, at 10:16 PM PDT
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