Two world leaders, Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin, did not attend the Group of 20 summit held in New Delhi, which concluded on Sunday.

Erin Walsh, senior research fellow for international affairs in The Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center, says that “clearly, the two of them made a decision that they weren’t going to show up.”

“[A]nd they want to create their own new rules, and new economy, and new standards, and new world, for that matter; for the world to play by the rules that they set forward, and I think that this was a first stab at that,” Walsh says.

“So, we’re going to have to wait and see what happens at the upcoming [Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation] summit, but it’s clear that they wanted to do that,” she says, adding:

And also, the fact that I think China was pouting because they are not supportive of India, there’s tension between the two nations, and China wants to show that they had the upper hand and would not go to India, on [Indian Prime Minister Narendra] Modi’s soil, to pay that kind of respect. And so, that tells you something about Xi Jinping, which is more than we probably want to know.

APEC will host its summit in mid-November in San Francisco.

Walsh joins today’s episode of “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss President Joe Biden’s recent comments that he doesn’t “want to contain China” and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s meeting with Putin.


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