We discuss how Reps. Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan suggested in an op-ed in the Washington Examiner today it might be time for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign, due to his inability to stop leaks to the media as well as the FBI”s lack of cooperation with a congressional investigation of the dossier. And The Heritage Foundation’s Jim Phillips joins us to discuss whether this time, the protests in Iran can overthrow the current regime. Plus: the latest on President Donald Trump’s fight against an upcoming book about his administration, and Sessions’ move that’s concerning marijuana advocates.

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  1. Stephen Molasky Inactive
    Stephen Molasky

    I think Sessions needs to grow a pair.

    He comes across as a vain little peckerwood wrapped up in a fog of confusion about his ‘honor as a gentleman’.   If he’s too old and too rigid to reimagine himself, maybe he should retire.

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  2. Curt North Inactive
    Curt North

    He seems to be great, even excellent on illegal immigration, but on Russia, he screwed up biggly when he reqused himself.

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