In Japan on Monday, President Joe Biden seemingly departed from previous American policy regarding Taiwan, announcing that the U.S. would militarily defend the tiny island nation if China were to invade.

Walter Lohman, director of The Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center, says Biden’s statement was a huge mistake.

“We want to keep the Chinese guessing about what the United States would do,” he says of the long-standing policy of “strategic ambiguity.”

Lohman joins the show to discuss what the implications of this seeming shift in policy would be, and what Beijing’s aims are regarding Taiwan.

We also cover these stories:

  • Following Democrats’ claims that new election laws in Georgia would depress voter turnout, more Georgians are voting ahead of Tuesday’s primaries than ever.
  • Biden says he doesn’t think monkeypox will be as serious as COVID-19.
  • An early draft of a letter sent to the president by the National School Boards Association suggests the group planned to ask that the Army National Guard and military police be sent to certain school districts to handle parents protesting mandatory masking and controversial curriculums.
  • State Farm insurance company is encouraging employees to donate books on transgenderism to local schools and libraries in Florida and elsewhere around the country.



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