Climate activists continue to sound the alarm over carbon dioxide emissions and climate change. Caleb Rossiter, the executive director of CO2 Coalition, an organization of climate scientists and experts who research and report the facts of climate change, joins the show to explain just how worried we really should or should not be about the planet’s warming.


Rossiter also explains “a long campaign to … cancel climate voices in the mainstream media,” including his own.


To learn more about CO2 Coalition, visit the website or Facebook page.


We also cover these stories:


  • The New York City health commissioner has left her job, reportedly over New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s handling of the coronavirus.
  • The Trump administration announced Tuesday that the Justice Department is giving $35 million in grant money to help survivors of human trafficking.
  • Ariana Pekary resigned from her position as a producer at MSNBC and has released an open letter describing mainstream cable news networks as a “cancer.”


Enjoy the show!


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