One of President Joe Biden’s very first executive actions was to disband the 1776 Commission and remove the commission’s report from the White House website.


Mike Gonzalez, a Heritage Foundation senior fellow and member of President Donald Trump’s 1776 Advisory Commission, joins the show to explain the purpose of the new report and why Biden was so quick to discredit it.


Read the full report here.


Purchase Mike Gonzalez’s book, “The Plot to Change America: How Identity Politics is Dividing the Land of the Free,” here.


We also cover these stories:

  • President Joe Biden signs over 10 executive orders for coronavirus vaccinations and testing.
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Congress will move ahead with former President Donald Trump’s impeachment even as Biden calls for unity in the nation.
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is now working with the Biden administration and says the U.S. will remain a part of the World Health Organization.


Enjoy the show!


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