In a decision representing the triumph of anti-Columbus sentiment, President Joe Biden announced Friday he plans on officially commemorating Indigenous Peoples Day, rather than Columbus Day, on Monday.

The controversy surround Christopher Columbus has spanned decades. To some, Columbus serves as a symbol of bloodthirsty colonial expansion, a petty tyrant hellbent on pillaging native lands. To others, Columbus is a misunderstood and unjustified target of anti-American scorn who should be praised for his tolerance and kindness towards indigenous people.

Jarrett Stepman, a Daily Signal contributor and author of the book “The War on History: The Conspiracy to Rewrite America’s Past,” falls squarely in the latter camp.

Stepman joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss the long-running controversy surrounding the much maligned Columbus and to share the true story of the man who discovered America.


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  1. OwnedByDogs Coolidge

    I don’t want to celebrate Indigenous People’s Day. I want to celebrate the discovery that lead to the USA. Not cultures replete with slavery, human sacrifice, cannibalism and the treatment of women as chattel.

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  2. Unsk Member

    Since I must follow the lead of our Supreme  Leader Joe Biden in all things, I am having an Indigenous People’s day party at my house to celebrate our I guess Indigenous People the Indians. 

    I have erected many a teepee in my back yard  with big fires. We will all don war paint and native Indian headress complete with feathers. We will all have faux tomahawks and bow and arrow.  There will be much drinking of firewater and dancing with great drums and chanting of Indian dances.  We are looking forward to those who dare to attempt the gauntlet of the drunkards. That should be great fun. And  in the night’s finale we will all on on faux raiding parties of my paleface neighbors. 

    For extra added attractions we will be playing several outdoor movies in honor of our Indigenous Peoples among them Last of the Mohicans, Drums along the Mohawk and  the Black Robe; a history of how the Iroquois wiped out the Huron.

    I think if this new Holiday is done right it could become  a really huge  commercial success right up there with  St   Paddy’s Day, and Cinco de Mayo.  Ya know everyone  is Irish on St Paddy’s day and everyone is Mexican on Cinco de Mayo , so I think it’s only appropriate that everyone consider themselves Indian (Pick you fav tribe) on Indigenous People’s day.   Nobody ever seemed to have a good Columbus Day Party so a new trend of Indigenous People’s Day parties could be a huge hit, sorta. 

    • #2