Rob O’Donnell, a former detective with the New York Police Department, was among first responders to the terrorist attacks that brought down the towers of the World Trade Center in 2001 as well as to the terrorist bombing there eight years earlier.


O’Donnell joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to talk about what that was like.


“A few days before 9/11, I had a homicide [investigation], which probably helped me not be there as soon as I would have been because I ended up working on 9/10 to about 2 in the morning, where I normally would have been at work at 7,” O’Donnell recalls.


“I responded straight down to ground zero on 9/11,” he says. “And if I would have been at the police station, I would have been there that much sooner.”


O’Donnell also discusses the violent attacks on police and other law enforcement across the nation, especially over the past year, related racial tensions, and potential reforms in police departments.


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