Unfortunately, parents can’t trust mental health professionals on the issue of a transgender identity, a veteran social worker warns.


Pamela Garfield-Jaeger, a social worker with decades of experience dealing with mental health professionals and vulnerable people, warns that the over-psychologizing of childhood is contributing to the rise of rapid-onset gender dysphoria and the trauma of kids mutilating their own bodies to pursue a transgender identity, rather than dealing with underlying psychological issues.


Garfield-Jaeger, who lost her job because she refused to take a COVID-19 vaccine, now runs a practice called “The Truthful Therapist,” where she helps parents navigate the potentially fraught field of mental health. Many parents struggle to navigate mental health and find themselves demonized by the very professionals who they trust to help their kids.


“I talk to parents who either are still in the thick of it, where their children are still identifying as trans, or where their child has desisted, where the time that their children felt the most distress is when they believed that their parents no longer love them or care about them or accept them because that’s what the trans community and the therapists and the doctors” say, Garfield-Jaeger tells “The Daily Signal Podcast.”


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