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  1. Nerina Bellinger Inactive
    Nerina Bellinger

    “Who doesn’t love Oprah?”  I don’t.  She’s been past her “sell by” date for years.  And you all give her far more credit than she deserves in her hypocrisy along with everyone else in Hollywood.  I’m Catholic and I don’t remember any one giving the Church credit for actions taken in the wake of the horrible sex abuse scandal or for the efforts taken since then to prevent future abuse (and, yes, I can appreciate the differences both in scale and effect).  But Hollywood, in its terminal state of hypocrisy produces movies pronounced as “brave” for continuing to degrade and excoriate those people or institutions it deems unacceptable.  Please.  When the “Harvey Weinstein: Man of Power” documentary comes out with every one of those “marvelous women” condemning him and also admitting their knowledge of his behavior, maybe I’ll reconsider my opinion of Oprah.

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