Georgia state Rep. Barry Fleming lost his job over the state’s recently passed election reform legislation.


The Hancock County Board of Commissioners voted 4-0 to ask Fleming to resign as county attorney “after pressure from citizens opposed to his work on proposed voting law changes,” Georgia Public Broadcasting reported March 10.


Critics of Georgia’s new law say it hampers voting rights, but Fleming, R-Harlem, argues that it does just the opposite.

“It makes it easier to vote in Georgia,” Fleming says, adding:

In Georgia, we actually expanded the days to early vote. There’s now or can be an extra 36 hours at least of early voting in Georgia. We made it very simple when it comes to absentee ballots. You still need no excuse to vote absentee in Georgia, and all you have to do is write down your driver’s license number. … So in Georgia we think going forward it will be easier to vote, but hopefully harder to cheat.



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