Private philanthropy is one of the most powerful tools in times of crisis. Peter Lipsett, vice president of Donors Trust, joins the podcast to explain why big government programs and bailouts often have unintended negative consequences.


Lipsett explains how we can help our communities economically during the coronavirus and challenges Americans to think about crisis situations with the future in mind.


It is up to the American people to maintain a free and prosperous nation for our children and our grandchildren. Handing over excessive power to the government now can have long-term negative effects. Listen to the podcast below or read the lightly edited transcript.


We also cover these stories:


  • Coronavirus deaths hit 1,000 in U.S. as global death toll passes 20,000.
  • The House is set to vote on the CARES Act Friday, per House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who’s also already looking at another new bill to tackle it.
  • Unemployment claims surge to 3.3 million as coronavirus devastates economy.


Enjoy the show!

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