Can you be forced to use language you fundamentally disagree with? Many schools across the country are instituting policies to do just that, compelling teachers to use transgender students’ “preferred” pronouns even if it violates their beliefs.

Peter Vlaming, a former high school French teacher in West Point, Virginia, who was fired from his job for refusing to refer to a biological girl using male pronouns, is suing his old school board for violating his rights. He filed his suit two years ago this week.

Vlaming says he isn’t doing that out of spite or some vendetta, but rather to protect everyone’s free speech rights.

“I’m trying to protect their freedoms as much as my freedoms—the freedom of conscience, the freedom of speech, the freedom to hold your own convictions,” he says.

Vlaming and his attorney, Caleb Dalton from Alliance Defending Freedom, join “The Daily Signal Podcast” to talk about the case and the implications of anti-free speech policies.

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