Jen Psaki’s last day as White House press secretary will be this Friday, May 13. She’s expected to move next to a high-profile role at MSNBC, according to Axios, which reported April 1 “the deal is nearly final” even though no contract has been signed.

“I’m glad that she’s found a soft landing,” says Sean Spicer, who served as President Donald Trump’s first press secretary. “But you can’t then continue to serve. You can’t sit at that podium knowing that your future colleagues are sitting there. … I mean, this is so unethical and wrong.”

For the ethically challenged Biden administration, perhaps it’s no big deal. But Spicer calls the decision “unprecedented.” Having waited more than two years before becoming host of “Spicer & Co.” on Newsmax, Spicer knows what it’s like to go from the White House briefing room to the newsroom.

He joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to talk about his approach to covering the news, Newsmax’s growth, and more. Listen to the full interview or read an abridged version at


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