For Rabbi Scott Kahn, Oct. 7 was a holy day, the Sabbath.

He went to an early morning service at his synagogue and standing outside for a moment, he saw something strange.

“We suddenly heard booms overhead in our city of Ramat Beit Shemesh. So we looked up, and we saw smoke just randomly. It wasn’t a plane. It was just like bursts of smoke,” he tells The Daily Signal.

Soon, he heard about how his loved ones were affected, including his son-in-law in the army reserves, who was called up to serve near Gaza. Kahn heard about one distant family member who was shot, but who had survived by hiding in a ditch. In Sderot, another family member escaped to a bomb shelter with her three children “less because of the rockets and more because there were terrorists roaming the streets of Sderot looking for Jews to kill.”

In Kahn’s full interview for “The Daily Signal Podcast,” he discusses the spiritual significance of Oct. 7 to Jews this year, how he and other Israelis are responding after the attacks, and what his hope for the future is.


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