If you’re a conservative parent, you likely know that our schools are littered with leftist propaganda meant to penetrate the minds of our impressionable kids. While it’s sometimes done subconsciously by unsuspecting teachers, too often it’s part of the left’s agenda to turn students against traditional American values. We’re seeing the consequences throughout our culture today.

Fortunately, those who believe in unbiased education and critical thinking have a place to turn for help. PragerU’s Resources for Educators and Parents, also known as PREP, is offering more than 10,000 subscribers an opportunity to counter the leftist agenda permeating our schools.

Jill Simonian, director of outreach at PREP, recently spoke with The Daily Signal’s Virginia Allen about PragerU’s newest initiative. She joins me on today’s show to provide an update about the work she’s doing and how you can join the effort.

“If we do not teach our children how to think critically, so much of what America has been built on and the values of this country, they’re all going to disappear,” Simonian said. “And we’re all going to look around and say, ‘Well, what happened? What happened?’”


Enjoy the show!


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