In an exclusive interview with “The Daily Signal Podcast,” former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticizes the Biden administration for asking the United Nations to send its racism experts to the U.S.

“Our administration understood that the U.N. Human Rights Commission was simply … a bunch of anti-semitic thugs who spend most of their time nagging on Israel for the things they do simply to defend themselves.,” says Pompeo. “To invite them in to look at American systemic racism, which frankly doesn’t exist … we know what these reports will end up saying. We know, they’ll say, ‘Oh, this is racism and the Americans need do X, Y, and Z to go fix it.'”


“This is a commission occupied by people like Venezuela, by the Iranians,” Pompeo adds. “These are bad actors trying to stick the thumb in the eye of the American people.”

“To have permitted them to come in and evaluate racism in America is an enormous mistake …. They’ll come after America hard, and we shouldn’t let them do that,” the former secretary of state says.


Read the lightly edited transcript, pasted below, or listen to the podcast to learn more about what Pompeo has to say about this, what he describes as the Biden administration’s failure to lead on China and Hong Kong policies, and how the administration has put climate change ahead of American security.

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