Back in 2016, clerks at Gibson’s Bakery in Oberlin, Ohio, stopped a group of black shoplifters from stealing from their store. What they didn’t realize was that act would set them on a six year legal battle.

The tiny, family owned bakery was accused of racial profiling for stopping the shoplifters. That accusation caused students and faculty from nearby Oberlin College to engage in a smear campaign to get them shut down.

A libel case filed by the owners of the bakery recently concluded, with the bakery owners emerging victorious. This hasn’t stopped the school from continuing to accuse the shop of being racist.

“They have been completely unapologetic. They have been very aggressive towards this bakery,” says Bill Jacobson, a Cornell Law professor and founder of Legal Insurrection. “They continue to make their false accusations of racism against the bakery, they show no remorse whatsoever.”

Jacobson and Legal Insurrection have been covering this case since the very beginning. He joins the show to give a background on the case, as well as discuss what the verdict means for other woke schools targeting small businesses.

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