Disclaimer: This interview was recorded before a federal judge announced Friday afternoon that the Biden administration could not rescind Title 42.

In the face of the worst crisis our southern border has seen in decades, President Joe Biden has said he intended to rescind the public health rule known as Title 42 by Monday, May 23. U.S. immigration officials have invoked Title 42 to quickly remove illegal migrants over concern for the spread of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases.

Now, even some Democrats are wary of the Biden administration’s plan to end the public health measure at the northern and southern borders and have joined Republican lawmakers in cautioning officials against getting rid of it.

Ken Cuccinelli, a Trump administration homeland security and border official who previously was the Republican attorney general of Virginia, sees disaster on the horizon if Title 42 goes.

“If both the flow goes up to the worst prediction and Title 42 comes down, six times as many illegals will be staying in the United States as are happening on a daily basis today under the current open borders Biden policy,” Cuccinelli says.

Cuccinelli joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss the consequences of rescinding Title 42, as well as to offer solutions for states to help fix the border crisis.


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