Sheriff Roy Boyd of Goliad County, Texas, joined other law enforcement officials from his state last week to raise alarm about the border crisis that’s wreaking havoc in America. These local officials, who confront the consequences daily, are now calling it an “invasion.”


>>> ‘We’re Being Invaded,’ Local Texas Leaders Say as Border Crisis Worsens


Boyd, a seventh-generation Texan, recently spoke to The Daily Signal about what it’s like in Goliad County, the vicious cartels trafficking humans and drugs, and why you the problem of illegal immigration is much worse than anyone realizes.


“This is just a tidal wave of people coming across. It is an invasion. There’s no two ways about it,” Boyd says. “When you, as a taxpayer in the state of Texas, can’t utilize your own property because of the massive wave of people, it is an invasion, and that’s exactly what it is.”


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