President Joe Biden does not understand the threat China poses to America, according to Sen. Rick Scott.


“He pacifies [Chinese President Xi Jinping] all the time,” Scott, R-Fla., says of Biden’s relationship with the leader of the Chinese Communist Party.


“China and Russia pose a threat to American freedom, Scott says, because “both of them don’t like us.”


“Both of them don’t want America to lead the world. They don’t like democracy. They don’t like freedom. They don’t like liberty,” the Florida lawmaker says.


With concerns over ties between China and Russia growing stronger, America has to “assume the worst,” the senator says. If a third world war does break out, “it’s because we have a weak president,” Scott says.


Scott joined “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss growing geopolitical tensions and what the Biden administration could be doing to secure American freedom. Rep. Mark Green, R-Tenn., also joins today’s show to discuss the crisis on the southern border.


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