Congress is back in session, and members have their work cut out for them.


“I agree that it is one of—if not the most critical time in our nation’s history,” says Ryan Walker, vice president for government relations at Heritage Action for America. (Heritage Action for America is the grassroots partner organization of The Heritage Foundation.)


“We are at the precipice of continuing the Left’s march toward socialism, a full and fundamental takeover of our public institutions, not just government, but education, business, university systems, you name it,” he says.


With Republicans controlling the House, Walker says, the House Oversight and Reform Committee has a responsibility to hold the Biden administration accountable and to investigate the crisis at the southern border, COVID-19 spending, and much more.


Walker joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss what we should expect from the 118th Congress, and to explain the significance of the battle to become House speaker of Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.


Enjoy the show!


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