Conservatism has existed as a philosophy since the founding of the Republic. As the country has evolved and grown, so too has the political ideology that has guided America through its toughest trials.

Conservatism again stands at a possible point of evolution. Much has been said about national conservatism, both for and against.

Nate Hochman, a staff writer at National Review, says that national conservatism is both the future of the movement, and its past.

“You can point to any number of issues, whether it’s a more sort of assertive social conservatism, immigration restriction, a sort of rethinking of conservatism’s relationship to big business, a kind of two cheers for capitalism approach to free markets,” he says. “All of those things have been aspects of conservatism since the modern American conservative movement was founded.”

Hochman joins the show to discuss what national conservatism is, and why he feels it represents the future of the movement.


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