Suparna Dutta says she thought the exceptional nature of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence “was common sense,” but her recent experience with the Virginia Board of Education proved otherwise. 

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin appointed Dutta—a mother, engineer, and Indian immigrant—to the Virginia Board of Education in July. 

“I was thrilled and very honored to be appointed by him as a voice of parent advocacy to the board,” Dutta says. 

But the Virginia state Senate blocked Dutta’s appointment to the board just one week after she defended the Declaration of Independence and Constitution and criticized socialism and communism during a board meeting. She was even accused of being “aligned with white supremacists” for her views on America’s founding documents.

The Privileges and Elections Committee of the state Senate originally voted to confirm Dutta to the Virginia Board of Education, but after she defended the founding documents, Democratic state Sen. Ghazala Hashmi introduced an amendment to remove Dutta from the board.

“I do believe that the founding of this nation was something remarkable,” Dutta says, adding that “the documents that were drawn up, starting with the Declaration of Independence and then the Constitution, first and foremost, put the unalienable rights and our individual freedom first and foremost.”

Dutta joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to share her story of being kept off the Virginia Board of Education, and to explain the ways in which woke ideology has influenced school boards and education across the country.

Enjoy the show!

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