Already rocked by the war in Ukraine, the world uneasily looks towards Asia and the Chinese Communist Party. The authoritarian state has cast its gaze towards the small island of Taiwan, and dreams of conquest.


America will inevitably be drawn into a potential conflict between China and Taiwan, but author and defense expert Elbridge Colby says we are woefully unprepared.


“We’re not doing what we need to do,” Colby says. “We spend a lot of money on defense, honestly, but we have not focused enough on dealing with China and adapting our force to deal with that specifically. I think we’re just asking for trouble.”


To Colby, an ascendent China is the biggest geopolitical threat currently facing the globe. And America needs to step up to deal with that threat.

He says, “American interests in the world are Americans’ physical security, our freedom and our prosperity. What is the chief danger of that? Well, by far it’s China, and it’s China dominating Asia in particular.”


Colby joins the show to discuss what makes China so dangerous, and what steps America must take to neutralize the threat.


Enjoy the show!


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