Children now are inundated from a young age with messages about sexuality and gender, the founders of the CHANGED Movement say, but those messages aren’t always positive.


“What [society is] doing is not allowing children to really explore their sexuality before labeling them as LGBT or Q or anything else, and suggesting that at 7 or 8 you could know precisely something about your identity that really takes years to develop and understand,” Elizabeth Woning, co-founder of the CHANGED Movement says.


The CHANGED Movement, founded by Woning and Ken Williams, is a Christian organization based in California that works with people who are seeking to leave a homosexual lifestyle or who are struggling with gender identity or same-sex attraction.


Woning and Williams recently released a new booklet called “Self-Discovery: How Childhood Shaped Our Sexual Identity.” The resource is intended to help the church, and society as a whole, understand how gender identity is often influenced by childhood experiences and beliefs.


“In this booklet, what I sought to do was call into question why we’re trying to push children into this LGBT identity, and then disclose or clarify what it looks like to rediscover your childhood so that you realize you weren’t just born this way,” Woning says.


Woning and Williams join “The Daily Signal Podcast” to talk about their work, and how to help those struggling with gender identity.


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